about guchet

Established in 2010, GuChet offers Professional Crochet Designs that are Fashion-Forward and cater to a wide assortment of styles and sizes ranging from XS-6X.  

GUCHET has partnered with many yarn and publishing firms, pattern writers, editors and photo-shoot garments, including: Lion Brand Yarn, Crystal Palace Yarn, on-line and print for Annie’s Catalog, E-Pattern Central, SOHO’s - Vogue Crochet, Viacom and Lighthearted Entertainment (Stylist on VH1’s TV show: Bye Felicia).



  • Designed to be worn to work, dinner, bridal/baby showers, special events, date night....just about anywhere;

  • Available in PDF or E-book format, for instant download (or emailed within 24 hrs);

  • Fun, easy-to-follow and include LOTS of pictures as well as written, English instructions and;

  • Always Trendy designs that bring out your BOLD and FLIRTY spirit.

BECOME A MEMBER!   Inquire here

BECOME A MEMBER! Inquire here


  • Easy-to-follow patterns;

  • Pattern + yarn kits (aka: Kits-Made-Easy) and;

  • Signature line of yarns.

Showing: Bamboo 139 Yarn (70% Bamboo/30% Cotton)


Our sponsors play a huge role in our success as they give us an opportunity to build brand awareness, broaden our competitive edge and establish credibility within the needlecraft industry. In return, our sponsors enjoy a wide range of benefits including; increased profits from yarn sales, a platform to reach a broader, more diverse audience and raised awareness of the organization as a whole. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our sponsors that result in a win-win for both sides.

If you're a yarn company or publisher interested in a partnership, brand ambassadorship, affiliate programs, providing yarn support, sponsorship, media inquiries or trade show appearances -WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

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