Q&A WITH: Melissa Young

Melissa Young, Founder/Designer -    GuChet

Melissa Young, Founder/Designer - GuChet

Where are you from?
Indiana, but spent the past 18 years in Atlanta GA.

Where do you live now? Who do you live with?
I currently live in Florida with my husband, Carlos. 

How did you become an Crochet Designer? 
I realized that my love of fashion, art, creativity, inspiring woman and yarn could all converge into a complete work, and I just followed my heart and my gut. I launched GuChet in 2010 and never looked back.

Do you follow trends?  
NEVER; I go with what feels "good" in my gut. I don't ignore whats going on, but I certainly don't let it dictate my next design either.

Describe your sense of style
So much depends on my mood at the time, but, if I had to distill my personal style into a few words: timeless, sexy (but still classy) and functional.

What’s the most surprising part of being a Designer?
“All your creativity, gifts and talents can be tapped in your Aloneness. It is an art and the most powerful thing…....” 

If you want to be an Crochet Designer, you MUST enjoy being alone.

What’s in your “design” bag?
My pre-design bag consist of:

Our Signature - Granny Square Crochet Dress Pattern    (Pattern found here)

Our Signature - Granny Square Crochet Dress Pattern (Pattern found here)